The Mount Carroll Chamber’s 2022 Christmas ornament featuring Grimm’s Dairy is still available, although it is selling steadily and the supply is limited.

Ornaments may be purchased at Shaw’s Express, Mount Carroll Banking Center, Mirror-Democrat, Mount Carroll Pharmacy, Heritage Market and at the upcoming Holiday Market Dec. 2-3 in the Kraft Building. Cost is $15 each.

The Grimm’s Dairy holiday ornament is the 28th edition and past ornaments are still available at these locations for $5 each. Ornaments from some of the past years are sold out, however.

Also available is the first edition from 1995 — the Carroll County Courthouse, for $15.

Grimm’s Dairy was founded in 1909 by Ferdinand Grimm when he purchased Deer Creek Creamery in Wacker. In 1937, Ferdinand moved into Mount Carroll and owned and operated Grimm’s Dairy on East Rapp Street.

Grimm’s Dairy was purchased in June 1988 by Muller-Pinehurst Dairy Co. from Rockford, which had been Grimm’s Dairy supplier for more than 25 years.

At the time of the sale in June 1988, Grimm’s Dairy was one of the last dairies in the nation to make home deliveries.

The 28 Mount Carroll Christmas ornaments include:

•1995-Carroll County Courthouse (1858 building).

•1996-Galena Street Bridge.

•1997-Caroline Mark Home.

•1998-Mount Carroll Public School (1908 building).

•1999-Mount Carroll Public Library.

•2000-Metcalf Hall (Shimer).

•2001-Hotel Glenview.

•2002-Owen P. Miles Museum.

•2003-First Baptist Church.

•2004-City Hall.

•2005-Colehour Elevator.

•2006-Kraft Building.

•2007-United Methodist Church.

•2008-First Lutheran Church.

•2009-Pharmacy Center (Squires Building).


•2011-Ideas & Designs (Fay F. Christian Furniture Building).

•2012-American Legion Home (Allison House).

•2013-Herrmann House (corner of Clay and Broadway).

•2014-Mount Carroll Post Office.

•2015-Ivey Monuments.

•2016-Wachtel Building.

•2017-Molly's Kitchen & Bar.

•2018-Clark Carroll Insurance Agency.

•2019-Soldiers’ Monument.

•2020-Community House.

•2021-Emmert House/Stone House Memorial Park.

•2022-Grimm’s Dairy.