Planter Project in downtown Savanna

Volunteers gathered on Savanna’s Main Street early Tuesday morning, June 9, to plant the city-owned cement planters. It took the 12 volunteers four hours to finish the job before the rain began. Local florists are requested by Savanna Mayor Chris Lain to direct the Planter Project which will keep the planters seasonally correct. Mayor Lain asked Christie Rice, owner of Sassy Stems Floral Unique Gift Boutique, to design the 2020 spring/summer planting, select the flowers and organize the workers. A special thank you to Ace Hardware manager Ryan Holmbo for donating potting soil and city employees for filling the planters and moving additional planters onto Main Street. Volunteers were from Sassy Stems Floral, Savanna Service Club, and Beautification in Motion. Special thanks to Coralie Beck, owner of Shiver's Ice Cream, for help with the maintenance and watering of the planters. Volunteers included, front from left, Christie Rice and Kelsey Rice. Back, Kim Falk and Jeanine Mills, Penny Brown, Molly Andersen, Dee Bull, Jean Jones, Karen Nolte, Pam Darrow, Cindie Bulk. Not pictured: Cindy Gregory.

Contributed Photo