The West Carroll School Board last week approved selling district property in Mount Carroll on a 5-2 vote.

During its Wednesday, Sept. 15, meeting meeting, held at the primary school, board members discussed the two bids received for the sale of a garage building and .79 acres, located at 300 Main St. behind the old Mount Carroll public school. The bid opening was held Tuesday, Sept. 14.

The two bids received were $32,751 from Nathaniel Hsieh, a Chicago attorney who owns the former public school, and $25,278 from Charles Electronics of Mount Carroll.

Supt. Julie Katzenberger recommended the board sell the property to the low bidder, Charles Electronics. She said Charles Electronics, owned by Tom and Nola Charles, is a local company that employs 12 people and has a "proven record" of taking care of its properties. Hsieh has owned the old school property since 2015.

Board President Fred Tipton agreed that the Charles Electronics bid is the best thing for the district and the community, stating that Charles Electronic has plans to put the property into service right away. Tipton pointed out that Hsieh has a history of not doing anything with his property.

A motion made to accept the bid of $25,278 from Charles Electronics was approved, with board members Tipton, Jeff Woodside, Dawn Rath, Juliene McCormick, Renee Pritchard and Nicole Thulen voting yes. Greg Stott and Dawn Rath voted no.