Students design vote sticker

West Carroll Middle School sixth grader Zoey Bode submitted the winning entry in the “I Voted” sticker design contest coordinated by Carroll County Clerk Amy Buss. The newly designed sticker will be handed out to voters for the June 28 Primary Election and the Nov. 8 General Election.


Voters participating in the upcoming elections will receive a unique "I Voted" sticker designed by one local sixth grader.

Carroll County Clerk Amy Buss asked West Carroll sixth grade students in February to participate in a design contest. The newly designed sticker will be handed out for the June 28 General Primary Election and the Nov. 8 General Election.

Buss said 18 designs were submitted for the contest, and while she would have liked more students to participate, the entries received were great. Students also submitted a small paragraph on why they chose their design.

Staff members in the county clerk’s office voted on the 18 designs, narrowing them down to the top 10. Those 10 designs were posted on the Clerk's Office's Facebook page on Friday, March 4, allowing viewers to vote on their favorite (by liking the picture) between Friday and Sunday, March 6. Votes from employees in the Carroll County Courthouse cast Monday, March 7, were added to the Facebook votes.

The winner is Zoey Bode, a sixth grader at West Carroll Middle School. announced Monday afternoon, County Clerk Buss announced Monday afternoon, March 7.

“We had some good entries,” said Buss. “Zoey got a total of 89 votes between Facebook and Courthouse offices’ votes. The second place winner had a total of 65 votes and third had 40 votes.

Participants were asked what inspired them to do the design they submitted, and Zoey’s response was:

“An eagle flying across a flag really inspired me. It really inspired me because I think doing an eagle flying by the flag would be a good idea. It would be a good idea because it represents us, the flag, and the USA. I did the colors red, white, and blue for ou place. I wanted do this picture because it is all about representing us and our state.”

Zoey not only receives recognition, but also a $25 gift card of her choice.

Buss said she got the idea for the design “I Voted” sticker design contest from a County Officials newspaper, which reported on Adams County in Colorado. That county does a similar practice on a larger scale, opening the contest up to anyone in the county.

"We are starting small and probably will remain small," Buss said in a Facebook post. "I think getting kids interested young will lead to more interest in voting, elections and maybe even running for office."

Buss hopes to hold this design contest every other year, including the Eastland and Chadwick-Milledgeville districts in the future.

Buss thanked West Carroll sixth grade teachers Janelle Hartman, Rhonda Law and Pam Watts for helping with the project.