WWTP project operational late November

Mount Carroll pilot Jeff Kromer recently flew his plane over the community to capture this aerial view of the nearly $14 million Waste Water Treatment Plant project that is expected to be operational around Thanksgiving. Point Rock Park’s two baseball diamonds are at the top right and the current sewage treatment plant to the left, with the roadway leading into the park intersecting between them. The new facility rises well above ground level to prevent future flooding when the Waukarusa River overflows its banks from time to time.


Mount Carroll's ongoing multi-million-dollar Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Project is "going well," if a little slow, according the city officials.

The City of Mount Carroll officially broke ground on the almost $14 million project in August 2019. The sprawling plant along Mill Street adjacent to Point Rock Park will replace the existing facility, constructed in the 1950s, and last updated in the 1980s. The project is being funded through and IEPA loan, 45 percent of which is "forgivable."

Mount Carroll Sewer and Water Supt. Bill Zink recently told the Mirror-Democrat that the project is running at least 17 days behind. He attributed much of the delay to the Covid-19 pandemic, explaining contractors have had some difficulty receiving certain materials on time.

"That's put a little delay on it," Zink said.

He said the NCC electrical panel, or the main control circuit for the plant, arrived late. While it has now arrived and been installed, Zink explained it takes several weeks to get the system set up, which has delayed the project.

Contractors for the project have until April 2021 to finish landscaping and other portions of the project, but the plant itself was set to be operational by this October. However, with the delay, Zink said he does not expect to see the WWTP operational until a bit later, in the mid-to-late November range, around Thanksgiving.

Zink said much of the construction is ongoing or complete, such as pouring the concrete, finishing plumbing and electric work, installing water lines and building up the road to the new facility. Last week, a fire hydrant was installed.

"All the nitty gritty's taking place," Zink said, adding that in a few weeks, work on the Center Street Lift Station should be complete.