The West Carroll C.U.S.D. #314 Board of Education is accepting applications to represent Districts #3 and #5 (Savanna) and #7 (Thomson).

Appointment of a candidate to fill the office is set by state law and Illinois School Code. At a minimum, the candidate must meet these qualifications:

•Be a United States citizen.

•Be at least 18 years of age.

•Be a resident of the state of Illinois and the West Carroll School District for a minimum of one year immediately preceding the appointment.

•Be a registered voter.

•Not be a convicted sex offender.

•Not hold another incompatible public office.

•Not have a prohibited interest in any district contracts.

•Not be a school trustee.

•Not hold specific types of prohibited federal or state employment.

The West Carroll Board of Education will accept applications for the vacant seat through Friday, May 7. Candidates will be interviewed, credentials verified, and an appointment made at the board meeting on May 12.

The chosen candidates will fill the position until the April 2025 election. Interested residents of Districts #3, #5 and #7 are encouraged to send a letter of interest and resume` of accomplishments to Supt. Julie Katzenberger, West Carroll District Office, 642 S. East St., Mount Carroll, IL 61053.

Any questions can be directed to Supt. Katzenberger at 815/734-3374.