Here is how the Mirror-Democrat reported the race in 1957 for Mount Carroll police magistrate. All three news stories, written by owner-editor-publisher Tom A. Watson, appeared on the front page.

April 11—City Election Schedule For Next Tuesday

“No candidates have filed for police magistrate, an office which has been vacant in Mount Carroll for 17 years. Since the resignation of Harry Hartman from the office 17 years ago (1940), a candidate has been named by write-in votes but no one has ever accepted the position.”

April 18—Carlyle Richter Elected Mayor

“Robert E. Keohane, Shimer College social science professor, was elected by write-in votes for police magistrate, a post which has been vacant here for 17 years because no one would serve.

“On the initiative of Shimer College students, a vigorous campaign was staged for Keohane, and Keohane said before the election that he would accept the office if it were the will of the citizenry.”

April 25—New Officers Sworn In Last Night

“Professor Robert Keohane received 87 write-in votes for police magistrate, an office that has been vacant for 17 years. Shimer students, although not eligible to vote, carried on a vigorous campaign on Keohane’s behalf.”