Haiti Mission Project continues

Locals gather around the Carroll County Haiti Mission Project’s pump and well which provides good quality water to a large number of people in this part of Juampas, Haiti.


The Carroll County Haiti Mission Project (CCHMP) is still limping along. It is a struggle, but we are currently hanging in there.

By a stroke of luck and/or act of God, we continue to produce bio-sand filters and distribute them to the community.

Also, and perhaps most importantly, we are still able to maintain our pump and well, which provides good quality water to a large number of people living in this part of Juampas.

In 2016 a group of dedicated CCHMP members donated personal money to fund the well. A small group of members were present at the time, and worked like dogs to provide water for the drill bit as the 140-plus foot well was drilled.

It was a three-day endeavor, but at last, success was reached, and since that date the well has been providing good quality water to the locals as well as a readily available supply of water for the building of the bio-sand filters.

As is expected, there have been a few problems with this part of the project along the way. At the end of 2019, the pump broke down.

The CCHMP's financing is currently low, so we called on nine dedicated CCHMP members as well as a small group of Mount Carroll United Methodist Church ladies to finance the repairs and labor for the pump.

Due to Covid, the CCHMP has not had boots on the ground for almost a year, so it took a bit of electronic communication, wire transferring of money, and our dedicated employee and Haitian friends in Haiti to get things in order, and eventually it happened.

The photos accompanying this article show the pump working and the locals once again using the water. As we say in Haiti, "Pwop dlo se la viv” — Clean water is life!

The CCHMP plans to return to Haiti later this year, once those traveling are vaccinated, and the pandemic begins to slow down.

If you would like more information on the CCHMP, please contact Bill Timm at 815-238-2034.

If you would like to donate to the maintenance of our pump and well and/or our water filtration project, please send your donation to: Sandy Cornelius, 13841 Fulrath Mill Rd., Mt. Carroll, IL 61053.

Thank you for your 20-plus years of continued support and interest in Haiti.