John Keohane, at the request of the Mirror-Democrat, provided some background information on the Keohane family and their connection to Mount Carroll.

The four Keohanes moved from Chicago to Mount Carroll in the summer of 1952 when my parents bought the Halderman House at 728 E. Washington Street.

Dad, Robert E. Keohane, was chair of the Social Sciences Division at Shimer College. He had actually started at Shimer on loan from the University of Chicago in 1950 when Shimer became 4-year.

I went to Mount Carroll public schools for three years, 8th grade, 9th, and 10th. Shimer had an early entrant program, so I went to Shimer in 1955, graduated in 1959. My brother, "Rocky", Robert Owen Keohane, had 5 years of Mount Carroll public schools, 1952-57, then went to Shimer 1957-61.

My father retired from Shimer in the early 70s and died in January 1974. He's buried in Mount Carroll’s Oak Hill Cemetery. Mother, Mary P. Keohane, who spent most of those Mount Carroll years teaching high school government in Morrison, and later taught at Shimer, sold the house to Mary Boyd that Spring of 1974, bought an apartment in California, about 15 minutes from the Stanford campus. At that time Bob and his wife were both professors at Stanford.

I spent 1959-60 half working at a factory in Rockford, later 6 months in the army at Ft. Leonard Wood, then went to graduate school at the University of Chicago. Met my wife in Chicago in 1971, married in 1973, spent most of career programming computers.

We moved to Texas in 1979, first Dallas, since 2003 in Austin. Mother died in 1985, but had requested cremation, and ashes strewed into the Pacific Ocean, so to answer a question some in Mount Carroll may have, that's why she's not buried next to Dad.