Mayor Chris Lain resigns

Savanna Mayor Chris Lain, right, officially steps leaves his position Friday, May 6, after announcing his resignation at the April 26 city council meeting. Mayor Pro Tem Ald. Pat Sanchez, left, will assume the mayoral duties until May 10 when the council appoints a new mayor, who will serve until the April 2023 election.


Savanna Mayor Chris Lain announced his resignation at the Tuesday, April 26, city council meeting. It is effective May 6.

"It has been the greatest honor of my life serving the citizens of Savanna as their Mayor," Lain said in prepared statement following the announcement. "And this was not an easy decision. However, sometimes life takes you in directions you didn't expect.”

"I am so proud of all we have achieved in my time as Mayor and know future leaders will benefit from the plans and financial stability, we are able to leave for them," said Lain, who has served as Savanna's mayor the past five years.

"I thank all of the citizens of Savanna who believed in me and put their faith in my abilities. Savanna will always have a big place in my heart, I wish everyone the best. I cannot wait to watch Savanna continue to grow from the private sector."

Mayor Lain recently purchased a house in Mississippi and will relocate to the south. He said it was his plan to move after his term was up, but plans changed.

"This was not an easy decision and was not based on anyone or anything to do with the City of Savanna," said Lain. "But instead, only an attempt to focus on our personal life and future."

"Together, we have fought a historic flood, managed a bridge closure and came through a global pandemic. And come out of each stronger and better then before. I am so proud of everything we have achieved.

“New businesses have opened with others planned for this year. We have completed a street study and water study to get a plan to fix our aging infrastructure. Created a plan to grow and sustain our economy, leaving the City of Savanna with a 1.2 million dollar surplus. We have begun to invest in employees and bring back positions eliminated years ago. All this was only possible because of the support and faith of this amazing community."

"We have a strong, forward thinking City Council and I have great faith that they will continue to work those plans and do great things. I am so proud of the team of department heads who lead this city daily. They have been a joy to work with and I am impressed with their passion and knowledge daily. Thank you for all you do for the City of Savanna."

Savanna Mayor Pro-Tem Ald. Pat Sanchez will take over the duties until the council votes in a new mayor at its May 10 meeting. That appointment will last one year and a new mayor will be elected to the final two years of Lain’s term in April 2023.