Alison McGhee

American author Alison McGhee will be speaking at a community family event at 6 p.m. Wednesday, May 1, at the Savanna Historical Society Museum.

Students and teachers at West Carroll Primary and Middle Schools have been preparing for McGhee’s visit. She is known for her heart-felt and entertaining presentations. She will talk about writing, the creative process and her experiences as an author.

McGhee has written a variety of books for readers of all ages. Her picture book “Someday” was a #1 New York Times bestseller and her Pulitzer Prize-nominated novel “Shadow Baby” was a Today Show Book Club selection.

West Carroll’s Community Read focus book this school year was one of her enchanting stories for younger readers, “Firefly Hollow.”

Community members who have participated in the Community Read by reading “Firefly Hollow” are encouraged to pass it along to friends, and talk about the author with students.

“As teachers, we appreciate everyone who has promoted this experience, and most importantly, discussed the book with our students,” said WCPS teacher Keta Foltz. “Every time one of our students talks to an adult about the book, they see that adults value reading. It's a message that can never be sent too often.”