Kick off 2022 by attending the Open Mic set for Tuesday, Jan. 4, at Bridges of Carroll County, 417 Main St., Savanna.

A light dinner is scheduled at 6 p.m. followed by music at 6:30 p.m. The entertainment is free and a freewill donation is accepted for the meal.

"There is a lot of amazing musical talent in the Savanna area," said Pastor Gary Panetta, who serves on the board of the Great River Outreach. "Anyone is welcome to show up and play an instrument — or even recite poetry. Everyone is invited to share a meal and to listen. We invite people to come and support local talent."

The Open Mic typically features rock, pop, folk, and country music. But it also can feature poetry and performance.

"What happens is pretty much up to whoever signs up for the evening," Panetta said. "Sometimes people recite poems or tell stories. Much of the time they sing and jam."

Bridges of Carroll County is part of Great River Outreach, a nonprofit organization supported by Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Lutheran and nondenominational churches. GRO aims to offer people a hand up in life while building a sense of community.

Bridges, 417 Main St., Savanna, is a community center that features a variety of events, including kids events and cooking classes. Classy Closet, 415 Main St., provides high-quality, low-cost clothing. The Table, 411 Main St., offers free meals at lunch.

For more information about the Great River Outreach, please check Facebook. More information can be found at