The Carroll County 708 Board meets regularly with the seven agencies serving Carroll County. The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting office closures have impacted the services as well as the fundraising abilities of these groups. Services have continued but in safer ways. The 708 Board asked each agency to tell something about what it is doing in 2020. Here is a review of Riverview Center.

Alex was a warm and outgoing child. Since the abuse, he is afraid to trust. He is withdrawn and slow to smile. At Riverview Center, he knows he is safe and protected. Using researched interventions, our trauma-trained staff has re-lit the spark in Alex's eyes as he rediscovers his childhood. We have become his safe space, a place where he feels secure and confident, a place where he can heal.

Riverview Center is committed to providing 100% free and confidential, compassionate, client-centered care for individuals affected by sexual assault and abuse and/or domestic violence in Carroll County.

Services are free to all survivors regardless of biological sex, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, immigration status, English proficiency, race and/or ethnicity, incarceration status, disability, or background. Survivors like Alex receive essential 24-hour crisis intervention; legal, medical, and general advocacy; one-on-one counseling and support groups, and trauma-informed therapy.

Last year, Riverview Center provided critical survivor services for 139 children, teens and adults in Carroll County to connect them with the help they deserve on their journeys of healing.

To prevent violence before it starts, and to intervene quickly and safely when violence occurs, we provide free, age-appropriate prevention education for daycares, schools, businesses, care facilities, veterans' centers, and nursing homes. Due to the pandemic, we have expanded these efforts to include weekly Facebook Live education and awareness for children, parents, and other community members to create a safer community for us all.

To help meet the gap in funds for 2020, consider a donation of $20.20. Donations may be sent to Carroll County 708 Grants Fund, care of Carroll County Treasurer, P.O. Box 198, Mount Carroll, IL 61053.