SAVANNA—Spring Lake Management Unit's recreation area located off Illinois 84 south of Savanna is closed as Tuesday, July 7, in order to continue work on the levee rehabilitation project.

The project includes tree removal, earthen levee repair and the placement of 23,000 tons of riprap, according to the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

Due to the high traffic utilization of heavy equipment, the closure includes the parking area and entire levee system and is expected to extend several months.

The Spring Lake Management Unit includes 3,600 acres bounded by 12 miles of levee.

The levee protects the lower lake area that contains 3,000 acres of Mississippi River backwater and is an important area for fish and wildlife including tens of thousands of waterfowl that gather here annually.

The upper lake contains three wetland units that are intensively managed to provide natural foods for wildlife, especially water birds.