CCHMP honors Mitch Timm

Bill Timm, center, tosses the ashes of his brother, Mitch Timm, off of "Moun Kabrit" — Goat Mountain in Haiti during a memorial ceremony earlier this year. This is the road that is traveled from Port-au-Prince to the Carroll County Haiti Project mission in Juampas. Mitch Timm was one of CCHP’s original members and the ceremony honored his long-time dedication to the Haiti mission.


The Carroll County Haiti Mission Project returned to Haiti on Jan. 31 and Mitchel Timm, one of the original, members of the group made his last trip.

Mitch passed away in March 2019, and his ashes were spread on "Moun Kabrit" — Goat Mountain. It was a memorial to Mitch, and his long-time dedication to the Carroll County Haiti Mission Project.

Mitch truly loved the mission and the people of Haiti, which was his sole reason for returning to Haiti each time he was asked the past almost 20 years.

Mitch would always say, "I just love the Haitian people."

Mitch's ashes were laid to rest with his father's, Jerome Timm, who always wished to travel to Haiti and believed in the CCHMP's work there, and with Rod Herrick.

Rod also was an original, and very dedicated member of the Haiti mission. Rod originally went to represent the Mount Carroll Rotary, but he too fell in love with the people and the CCHMP's mission there, and continued with his work with the group until his passing in early 2010.

The Carroll County Haiti Mission is approaching its 20th anniversary of existence. There have been a lot of bumps and hiccups, but the mission is still limping along.

The well the mission recently drilled provides good, dependable water to the entire east end of the village every day of the week.

Bio sand filters continue to be produced and delivered. These provide good quality drinking water to Haitians in more remote parts of the region. As we say in Haiti, "Pwop dlo se la viv' " — Clean water is life."

The Mount Carroll Rotary Club is one of the original supporters of the CCHMP, and they continue to do so to this day. The CCHMP considers the Mount Carroll Rotary an invaluable partner with their work in Haiti and thanks them for their long, unending support and commitment.

If you have any questions about the mission, feel free to give Bill or Teri Timm a call at 815-238-2034. Donations may be mailed to Jerry and Sandy Cornelius, Fulrath Mill Road, Mount Carroll, IL 61053.