Noises Off

Paul Vander Vennet, Conor Jordan, Blake West, Evan Bertram, Jean Christian Barry, Rebecca Marowitz, and Laura Spaeth pose at the end of the first act of “Noises Off,” now running through Sunday, June 30, at Timber Lake Playhouse.  Call the box office at 815-244-2035 for tickets. The box office is open 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Timber Lake Playhouse's production of “Noises Off” is a wonderful farce, that keeps a person laughing until the very end.

During his opening introduction of the play, Artist Director Paul Stancato described “Noises Off” as a “laugh out loud comedy.” He is 100 percent correct.

“Noises Off”, written by Michael Frayn and directed by Kevin Theis, takes a farcical and over-the-top look at what goes on behind the stage of a play. TLP's terrific troupe of resident and guest performers do an excellent job as the frazzled actors and director, as everything that can go wrong eventually does.

This cast includes: Guest Performer (through the Actor's Equity Association) Laura Spaeth as Dottie; Resident Performer James Tweedale as Lloyd; Resident Performer Conor Jordan as Garry; Resident Performer Evan Bertram as Brooke; Resident Performer Morgan Arrivillaga as Poppy; Resident Performer Blake West as Freddie; Resident Performer Rebecca Marowitz as Belinda; Resident Performer Jean Christian Barry as Tim; Guest Performer Paul Vander Vennet as Sheldon. Each performer brings to life his or her character with his or her own funny idiosyncrasies.

While each of these performers shine on their own, they work even better together, playing off of each other. While the script and characters in “Noises Off” are extremely witty, what brings the production to life is the physical actions and reactions of the performers, even (especially) when they do not say a single word. As the “play within the play” progresses and soon falls apart, the humor skyrockets, until an audience member can not help from laughing aloud.

Much of the humor of the play is based on the set- with its many doors to slam and multiple staircases- as well as a variety of props. Scenic Designer Star Turner and Props Designer Mitchell Snow do an excellent job with both.

The production would not be possible without the hard work of Assistant Director Olivia Belfie, Costume Designer Kat Anderson, Lighting Designer Cameron L. Strandin, Wig and Make-up Designer Jasmine Elam, Sound Designer Kristina Parker, Technical Director Addison Calvin, Production Stage Manager Laura Krouch and crews.

Those with a free evening should consider attending “Noises Off.” They will not regret it.

"Noises Off" is showing at the playhouse in rural Mount Carroll through Sunday, June 30. Tickets are available online at or by calling the box office at 815-244-2035. The box office is open 10 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday through Friday.