Elected county officials sworn into office

Carroll County Resident Circuit Judge Jerry Kane, right, is given the oath of office Monday morning, Dec. 7, by retiring Resident Circuit Judge Val Gunnarsson, left. Also pictured is retired Resident Circuit Judge Richard DeMoss. Also attending but not pictured was Chief Judge Robert Hanson. After being sworn in, Judge Kane told the many people attending the ceremony, “It was the first time I’ve ever been in an election and while I always knew I would run for circuit judge, I want to thank the people who pushed me to run for the position, especially some of the people in the courthouse. I can’t be Judge Gunnarsson; he was a hell of a judge. All I can say is that I will work hard, I have always worked hard. I will always be prepared for what I do in the courtroom.” Judge Kane also thanked the people for attending the oath of office ceremony and recognized his family members in attendance. He noted a daughter who was not there because she had a baby on Friday, Dec. 4.