Dear Editor:

Two recent community fundraising projects in Mount Carroll were possible and successful, because of incredible donor support. Here is an update:

Arbor Day Palooza

Fifty-two trees were planted, survived the winter and are thriving today. Homeowners and the city's street crew continue to do a super job watering and caring for these young trees. They deserve a big thank you.

Additionally, the two Arbor Day ceremonial trees, donated by Jo-Carroll Energy and the Mount Carroll Rotary Club, and planted at the Stone House, are also doing exceptionally well.

Mount Carroll received the Governor's Hometown Award as a result of this project. The award sign proclaiming this honor was recently posted at the south highway entrance to town.

Stone House Memorial

House Landscaping

Mulching is complete and about 50% of the planned shrubs and plants are planted. Although current temperatures temporarily postponed continued planting, 90% of the landscaping project is anticipated to be completed by Sept. 4, the Stone House Memorial Park dedication ceremony date. Mark your calendar.

Your generous support of these projects allowed them to come to fruition and to succeed. Thank you for your support.

Mike Risko

Alderman, Ward 3

Mount Carroll