Dear Editor:

Is the Mount Carroll Community Center hiding in plain sight?

In the Dec. 16, 2020, edition of the Carroll County Mirror-Democrat, I read the excellent letter written by Ms. Mary Lou Fetterolf Smith. She had an array of great ideas dealing with existing buildings and incorporating them into the concept of a community center: the addition to the public library and the Kraft building, as components of the Community Center as specified by the Davis Trust.

The locations of those buildings are perfect, i.e. in the center of town.

I've seen the plans for the addition to the public library. Everything is sleek, modern, well-designed, forward-looking. You couldn't ask for a better community space.

Also, use of those buildings for a Community Center avoids, or at least delays, dealing with the old school building, which could repurposed (Eh, it would always look like an old school.) or razing it and starting fresh. That's an expensive proposition. Also, the location isn't as good as the public library and the Kraft building.

So, I'm with Ms. Fetterolf Smith, and feel that the use of these buildings as part of the Community Center would give good old Mount Carroll more bang for its buck, so to speak.

The Davis Trust is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

John Elliott

Madison, Wis.