Dear Editor:

I was happy to see the letter written by David E. Hanson in the Thursday, March 7, edition of the Savanna Times-Journal reference the letter in last week’s paper written by Chuck Wemstrom concerning the “Green New Deal.” I was tempted to write a letter myself about the “unworkable, goofy plan” but I was worried I might not wind up using words that would be printable in the newspaper. As David Hanson mentions the new plan “incorporates every bad idea that the Democrats have had for years.” I was hoping that someone would write such a letter. It was a good thing that I put it off for a week.

I have only one thought to add about the plan. I am positive that the Democrats who fashioned the “New Deal,” “The Great Society” and other programs would not recognize the Democratic Party of 2019 as the Democratic Party they knew. It’s really too bad.

Bob Stretton