Dear Editor:

With the pandemic upon us this year, the Mount Carroll Community Foundation (MCCF) realigned its priorities and concentrated on those families and individuals who would need assistance.

Our umbrella organization, the Quad Cities Community Foundation (QCCF), received a COVID-19 grant from the state of Illinois and disbursed the funds to its Illinois foundations.

As MCCF already had an established emergency fund, QCCF was able to work through us. Through their great generosity, your MCCF was given $50,000. With our own locally generated sum, the MCCF had over $60,000 to give to those organizations to help those in need.

These organizations included Riverview Center, Tri-County Opportunities Council, Sinnissippi Centers, Mount Carroll Ministerial Association, Knights of Columbus Food Program, Carroll County's Food Banks, the Mount Carroll Ambulance, Mount Carroll District Library, the City of Mount Carroll.

If you or your family would like to donate to a specific fund (we have seven), or if you wish to create your own fund, please contact one of our board members or call MCCF 844-550-4100.

Local numbers include Mike Risko, 815-244-1767; Mary Ann Hutchison, 815-244-1405; or Doug Bergren, 815-541-4379. Or, you can contact us at MCCF, P.O Box 123, Mount Carroll, IL 61053. You can also learn more about us by checking out our website,

The board members and those recipients of your generosity would like to thank each and every one of you who made a difference.

Mount Carroll

Community Foundation