Dear Editor:

I'd like to thank the West Carroll School Board for the job they are doing. It's a thankless job and often a very difficult job, primarily because of the community politics that have plagued this new district from the very beginning.

I remind everyone the decisions made by the board are not about what's best for the Mount Carroll, Savanna or Thomson communities on an individual basis. The decisions are about what's best for the entire West Carroll community, of which we are all part. The focus of the board must be the education of our children.

If the district now fits in two buildings, the board, as stewards of the money, cannot justify to the taxpayers of the entire district spending money to maintain an old building for the supposed benefit of one community within the district.

To those concerned about the building closure, I encourage you to stop worrying about the negative impact and start being grateful that the district already owns two newer buildings that can accommodate the needs of every West Carroll student without burdening the taxpayers further.

To the West Carroll Board of Education, I encourage you to throw aside the community politics and rhetoric associated and make decisions based on what's best for the entire West Carroll School District and the students of the West Carroll School District. Thank you again for your service to all three communities of the West Carroll District.

Carl R. Bates

Mayor, City of Mount Carroll