Dear Editor:

Our communities are dividing, there is great opposition of information being shared at our school board meetings, and I feel that lack of knowledge and unanswered questions are now creating adversarial relationships. I recently came across a post and want to publicly share a couple statements from it.

“The responsible decision would be to table it this year and thoroughly examine the option for the 2021-22 school year. This would give everyone the time to collect information and make a sound decision…Critical Thinking 101. It seems like there is a lot of information to work through,”

I encourage everyone to take a moment to read and re-read these statements. Again, I want to stress the importance of working together, providing our school board with facts, and being open-minded to alternative solutions. Let’s continue to strive for a decision that is best for the education of our children, educators and our communities.

If there are unanswered questions, then now is the time to be diligent about researching the factual truth, not personal interpretations of the truth, but facts and truths. We need to derive a conclusion that best supports our West Carroll School District.

Christine Sullivan