Dear Editor:

I have been watching the race for Circuit Judge of Carroll County and all I would like to say is do your homework.

Imagine that you are the boss (which you are) and think of the two candidates as employees that have applied for one position in your company.

The first candidate comes with 1) three years of experience in the position applying for, 2) excellent peer reviews, 3) has been working for the last three years with the person whose position they will fill.

The second candidate comes with 1) no experience in the position applying for, 2) bad peer reviews, 3) has had minimal time in the workplace.

If you were the boss (again, which you are as a voter), which would you choose?

Judge Kane is the first candidate listed above, so I hope that you will choose wisely for the candidate that will run the Circuit Judge office with the respect and dignity that Carroll County deserves.

Nick Mosca