Dear Editor:  

It was nice to see photos of some folks that care enough about the Savanna area to plant lovely flowers take care of them. Nice work, Savanna women. Also, Jack Holmes deserves congratulations for cleaning up portions of the backwaters of the Mississippi.

In late February I walked the levee loop from the Spring Lake parking lot and gathered what trash I could and came back later and picked up what I could.

I noticed a lot of trash where a boat was necessary to grab bigger items. I have picked up litter since my short-term relocation this past November, and will continue to do intermittent clean-up in Savanna on Main Street and the sidewalks from the intersection of Chicago Avenue and Main Street heading north. Micro-trash continues to be a big problem, specifically in the alleys from the Subway restaurant north to Clay Street.

I had intended on volunteering for a river clean-up event since my past work-life tied up weekends, but Covid-19 put a damper to that. I need to be smart about the virus and social distance and mask to protect others, and working off a boat would be a challenge with the virus around.

In my opinion, Savanna's citizens’ best opportunity to get away from too much noise is to walk or ride the bike path and listen to the birds, or hike some of the Palisades’ trails where natural noise is more common.

If it weren't for the bike path, and an opportunity to see some magnificent birds and the rare chance to hear natural sound, Savanna would be pretty bleak to stay for awhile. With so many Harley owners blaring their loud music and revving up their engines late at night along with the trash they leave on Main Street and the too enthusiastic freight engineer, Savanna would qualify for an ongoing hearing loss study by some college PhD. 

Meanwhile, get on your bike or put on your walking shoes, grab a fishing pole and check out the magnificent trees, flowers, and pelicans, and pick up your litter, including your dog's poop.

Harley drivers, show some respect for your downtown neighbors and drive quieter. Thanks to those who appreciate beautiful flowers, cleaner rivers and natural sound. 

Grant Wiegert