Dear Editor:

The Stone House Committee is proud to say that we, in conjunction with the City of Mount Carroll, will have a dedication ceremony of the new Stone House Memorial Park on Saturday, Sept 4, 2021. Mark your calendar.

This project has taken a while to complete, but thanks to the overwhelming support by the city, volunteers and many donors, we are almost there. As you will see at the dedication, it was worth the wait.

We have one major landscaping project to complete this summer before the dedication — plant native flowers and trees and establish a small native prairie around the Stone House. Unfortunately, we will need some financial help to purchase the plants desired. Any funds received will be used to purchase and plant grasses, flowers, ferns and evergreens.

A Master Gardener and Master Naturalist developed the strategic landscaping design with a goal to get everything planted in the next three weeks.

If you would like to help us acquire the $4,000 needed to purchase the designated plants desired, please send your donation, not later than June 11, to: Mount Carroll City Hall, Attn: Stone House Landscaping, 302 N. Main St., Mount Carroll, IL 61053.

We would appreciate your help in making the Stone House not only a Mount Carroll Visitor/Information Center, but also a beautiful park for our community to enjoy. Hope to see you at the dedication ceremony.

Stone House Committee

Mount Carroll