Dear Editor:

"Those Were The Days" (Sept. 9 Times-Journal) caught my eye this week, not least because my dad managed two mentions in it. In addition to his trip to Canyon Camp with Troop 44 in 1941, he was listed in the trumpet section of the Steve Stevens band in 1946.

I don't recall why Paul Stevens opted to call his band the Steve Stevens band, but the personnel list reminded me of seeing publicity photos of the band. In one of the shots, Danny Cottral was sitting at the piano while Jeannette Truninger was singing at the microphone.

In actual fact, Danny was the vocalist and Jeannette the pianist, but apparently Paul thought a girl singer would sell better. There was also a photo of Dad standing for a solo. A young guy with a 1940's pompadour, he was not wearing his glasses, an apparent gesture of youthful vanity.

Paul Stevens, younger brother of Daune Stevens, died in 1952 of Hodgkin's lymphoma one day short of his 26th birthday. Ironically, Hodgkin's disease in a young person today has a good prognosis despite being a death sentence then.

Dad continued playing dance jobs into the 1950's and remained a member of the musician's union well into old age. I still remember him going on dance jobs when we lived in Pittsfield in the mid-1950's, but changing musical tastes eventually ended his musical career.

To Pam Villalobos, thanks for the memories ... .

David Hanson