Dear Editor:

There were two sad points made in your story, "No varsity football for WC Thunder." (July 28-29 Carroll County Mirror-Democrat/Savanna Times-Journal.

The first, of course, is embodied in the article title.  So sad for all the contributing factors. Loss of populations in the involved towns. Then a lack of interest  in the game so there just are not enough kids to effectively field a viable team. The decisions were all the right decisions.

The second sad thing is, and I quote from the article, “With this format, teams have two less linemen, one less skill player and five players on the line of scrimmage instead of seven." This is a quote from the athletic director.

In essence, what he said is that linemen have no skill. This is also a common comment made by TV football announcers.  

I was a lineman on the 1947 Savanna High School Illowa Conference championship undefeated team, and four years as a lineman at the University of Dubuque.

George Buck


West Carroll Athletic Director Mike Burton was explaining what the basic roster differences would be if West Carroll switched to 8-man football from the current 11-man format. —Editor