Dear Editor:

Headlines on the front page of the April 25 Savanna Times-Journal (and April 24 Carroll County Mirror-Democrat) reported that the Carroll County Board passed a “Resolution Supporting the Second Amendment.”

This resolution is not about hunting. It means that assault weapons will be legal in Carroll County. Mass shooters are attracted to areas that make it easy to get these weapons of war. The resolution tells unbalanced people that it’s easy to get assault weapons in Carroll County.

When you put your kids on the bus to school do you really want to be afraid you will never see them alive again? Do you want to sit in church on Sunday in fear that someone will have an imagined reason to slaughter the congregation attending services? Do you really want to be at Elkay or Manny’s or watching a movie at the Savanna Times Theater when a shooter comes in and kills 17 people in six minutes with a military-style weapon?

Most people in this “Sportsman’s Paradise” support hunting, but this resolution is not about hunting. The resolution says its open season on our children, our seniors and the innocent people of Carroll County.

Is it worth it to make us all live in fear just so someone who lives here can feel macho or look cool displaying an AR-15. Does this community really want to advertise to all the nut jobs everywhere that if they can’t get military weapons in Chicago they can just take the short drive to Carroll County to get them?

Contact your Carroll County Board member and the sheriff and tell them to reverse this resolution. Tell them to support sensible gun control measures and hunting, but this resolution is not about hunting. Tell them we do not want to invite active shooters to our schools, churches, and businesses or anywhere in Carroll County.

We elected them to keep us safe, not to put our families in danger. Tell them to do their job.

Doris Steffen