Dear Editor:

It is a sad time for Illinois and a tragic time for the unborn! I wonder if being a politician is so important to our House Representatives and Senators that they value pleasing voters over pleasing God?

I wrote a letter to several of them and two promised to vote against the Reproductive Health Bill. The time is coming when bills such as this will include the elderly and the handicapped.

How can Illinois be so two-faced? If a child is missing, an Amber Alert is issued. If someone kidnaps a child it means a death penalty when captured. The penalties for sexual abuse are extreme for the predator.

But, if the child is not yet born, Illinois says, "Go for it." The unborn child is considered a thing — not one created in the image and likeness of God — but something to dispose of for any reason or at any time during the pregnancy.

Never mind the many, many people who long for a child but find there aren't enough babies to go around. They have to adopt children from another country. Illinois doesn't care about them.

Having an abortion is not pain free. It is far more complicated and painful than having a tooth pulled or having a stomachache.

Look up the statistics to see how many women died after having an abortion. Look up the statistics and see how many women hemorrhaged and almost died after having an abortion. Look up the statistics and see how many women were unable to conceive or miscarried after an abortion. Find out how many carried guilt and grief afterwards for many years.

Every child conceived has the right to see the world, to live in it and to enjoy God's creation. They have a right to make choices and to learn right from wrong.

Women who demand the right to choose deny this to the child who is murdered in the womb. It is murder and Illinois condones it — welcomes it! Illinois has fallen so very far away from God's graces. Lord have mercy!

Ruth DeMuth

Mount Carroll