Dear Editor:

I read the letter in the May 8 Carroll County Mirror-Democrat (May 9 Savanna Times-Journal) from Doris Steffen and concluded that she, like many others, has a phobia (an exaggerated and illogical fear) of firearms which I'd like to address.

The term "assault weapon" is more or less a made up term used by politicians and news anchors to scare people. Mass shooters are not attracted to areas where it is easy to find a weapon, but where people are heavily congregated and defenseless, such as "gun free zones," which are inviting to these individuals.

Anyone willing to take the life of another human being is not going to care about law. If banning the owning of a particular object was effective in preventing killings, why not ban murder?

Reading through the local papers it would appear rather obviously that drunkenness has more obvious and immediate threats to our community and children than a mislabeled firearm.

The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting. The right to provide food for your family was a given, much like breathing. An AR-15 or AK-47, which can be purchased by a private citizen, are not military firearms, they are not sold with selective fire (fully automatic) but are semi-automatic only (like common squirrel, goose, and other hunting guns).

I believe the Carroll County Board and Sheriff Jeff Doran are keeping us safe by protecting the Constitution.

Aaron Hartman