Dear Editor:

On Tuesday, Sept. 1, we had the opportunity to go to Old Mill Park in Savanna and hear Cheri Bustos speak. Her assistant explained that because of the pandemic, the congresswoman was holding dozens of small gatherings all over her district. After she left our meeting, she went to Galena.

In person, Bustos is warm, friendly and sincere. We could tell that she takes her job seriously. And as she explained, her job is to represent all of her constituents.

A participant mentioned how important health care is for rural America, especially farmers. Later, someone asked about immigrant farm workers and how important they are to the farming community and to the local economy. There are several local farms that are dependent on immigrant workers.

Bustos added that these issues: protecting the Affordable Care Act, expanding medical insurance coverage and immigration reform, are all important. She stressed that Biden and the Democrats are concerned with these issues.

An audience member from Savanna mentioned that tourism this summer has been pretty good because of the Mississippi River and the Palisades State Park. Bustos asked if the parks were in good shape. Not wanting to sound negative and discourage visitors, he said they're in pretty good shape. We wish that he had been more forthright and explained that the parks have a lot of deferred maintenance issues that need to be addressed,

Cheri also talked about how important the USPS is, not only now with an upcoming election, but every day. Veterans receive their meds through the mail and millions pay their bills by mail and receive their online orders via the post office.

She reminded us that the U.S. House passed a bill to restore all the cuts Postmaster General DeJoy had made. But the Senate has not passed the bill. President Trump and the Republicans want the post office to disrupt voting by mail.

If we have the opportunity to hear Cheri Bustos speak again, we'll be there in a flash. We can't imagine anybody who has read her record or heard her speak could possibly vote for anyone else.

Chuck Wemstrom

Pat Wemstrom

Mount Carroll