Dear Editor:

Quintupled! That is what our community did. When the Covid-19 pandemic was declared, the Mount Carroll Community Foundation established an Emergency Fund to assist organizations providing basic needs, services and finances to those most needy.

The generosity of our community was amazing. We received over $10,000 in donations and said, "It doesn't get any better." But it did — quintuple better — we quintupled that amount. (Note: so you don't have to look it up like we did, quintuple is five times as much).

The Mount Carroll Community Foundation is an affiliate of the Quad Cities Community Foundation (QCCF), who applied for and received $400,000 from the Illinois Covid-19 Response Fund.

Since we had established an Emergency Fund and had incredible support for it, given our population, the QCCF wanted to support us. We were granted $50,000 from the money they received to support Carroll County non-profits (see news story elsewhere in this week’s paper). We are 7% of the population they serve, but we received 13% of their Covid-19 grant. We did well.

The Carroll County non-profit organizations we selected to receive this additional grant money indicated they would make every effort to utilize the money in Mount Carroll to support our residents.

Those organizations are: River Bend Food Bank, $10,000 for local food pantries; Riverview Center, $15,000 for the support of families; Sinnissippi Centers, $15,000 for mental health services; and Tri-City Opportunities Council, $10,000 for emergency assistance.

We would like to thank everyone who supported our Emergency Fund efforts with an overwhelming response and made the quintuple possible. We are very proud of this generous community.

Advisory Board

Mount Carroll

Community Foundation