Dear Editor:

I’d like to offer a short response to the letter by Chuck Wemstrom in the Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 18-19 editions of the Carroll County Mirror-Democrat and Savanna Times-Journal. (‘Only love shows how to live in harmony…’)

First, I don’t know how much military experience Chuck Wemstrom has, but I’d like to advise him that losing a war is much different from quitting one because the Commander in Chief and his political wizards in Washington have lost interest in it.

Also, Chuck can ask any veteran or anyone who has spent a career in law enforcement and those people will let him know that there are bad people in this world. Those bad people prey upon the good folks who believe that love will allow us to live in harmony. Those bad people could care less if we love them or not.

There has always been a need and there will always be a need for people who will step up to keep those bad people in line so that good folks can go about loving their neighbors without any danger to themselves.

Call it a warrior class or first responders or soldiers or police officers or what you’d like, but society needs such men and women so that good folks can go about living in relative peace. It’s necessary for people to enjoy a life in pursuit of happiness.

Bob Stretton