Dear Editor:

It is unfortunate that Pat Wemstrom never had the story of the boy who cried wolf read to her as a child; it might have served as a cautionary tale to her now. (March 27-28 Mirror-Democrat/Times-Journal letters.)

It is also true that the apocalyptic visions of cultists are always more compelling to cult members than to those outside the cult.

Whatever the truth of the global warming religion, the so-called Green New Deal will never be a part of the solution, as events of the past week have shown.

Less than two months ago, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey introduced the Green New Deal to great media fanfare and the approbation of the Wemstroms. In the House, it met a lukewarm reception by Nancy Pelosi, who has not moved to debate it or schedule a vote on it at this writing, despite the bill having 90 co-sponsors.

With 12 co-sponsors in the Senate, Republicans decided to give it a vote. All Republicans along with three Democrats and one independent voted against it, while 43 Democrats voted "present."

In other words, not one senator voted for this bit of leftist virtue-signaling. Ed Markey said that "we must act now" on climate change, although that immediate action apparently doesn't include a suicidal vote for his own bill.

R.I.P. Green New Deal.

David E. Hanson