Dear Editor: 

I find it ridiculous and dangerous that Donald Trump will not concede he lost the election.  He lost and every swing state has verified the recounts and Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin have certified the Biden win.  On Dec. 14 the national electors will certify it.

Trump’s wasteful lawsuits against some states and cities where he claimed election fraud were thrown out.  His lawyer, stooge Rudy Giuliani, continues to look like a buffoon as he makes a fool of himself proclaiming election fraud.  What an insult to all of those poll workers who worked side by side, Democrats and Republicans teaming up to make sure the votes were counted properly.  

Last week one rich donor from North Carolina who helped contribute to his state's recount asked the Trump team for his money back because he didn't get the result he wanted.  This recall effort by Trump is only to fundraise for a possible second run, or to garner funding and publicity for perhaps a future Trump news network.  Trump only hates Fox News when, in a rare time, a newscaster will disagree with him, most recently about alleged dumped ballots, which was untrue. 

Trump the other day, in a rare news conference post-election, insulted a reporter for asking him a question of whether he would attend the inauguration of Joe Biden.  He yelled, "I am the president of the United States and I deserve respect."  When you behave like a lunatic in public you don't deserve respect.

The Republican Party is now Trump's party and will be in the future, even with him gone. This movement taken over by ideological conservatives is not real Republicans. They are a cabal concentrating wealth and power into a ruling class that is crushing the rest of us.  I believe that most Americans understand that too much money and power has been redistributed upward and would prefer a more equitable distribution of wealth and power.  I believe most Americans believe drug costs and health care costs are out of control and need to be reigned in.

Most understand a need for consensus where you have regulation of business, a healthy, maintained national infrastructure, and a basic social safety net while leaving room for private enterprise and innovation it sparks.

As an independent, I am in favor of prosecuting tax fraud, money laundering and ethical improprieties committed by both Democrats and Republicans on all levels.  I believe those who make assertions, for instance about voter fraud, should be called out without providing factual evidence.  I support peaceful protests and government petitions to address wrongdoing. 

I believe civil discourse must happen with both party supporters and that we have more in common then the cabal that works to divide us and is trashing our legal system and institutions.  I believe in contacting my legislators on issues that concern me.

I wish Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris the best and believe they can steer this country in the direction it needs to go, to undo so much damage that has been done, and will be watching them with a vigilant eye beginning Jan. 21, 2021.  

Grant Wiegert