Dear Editor:

Not having the privilege of growing up in this area, it doesn't take long to understand there is great animosity and division here. I dismiss the notion that it's like this everywhere, because it is not. Successful communities decide this type of atmosphere is more destructive than constructive.

In the many articles I have read about the West Carroll High School issue, it becomes very clear that the destructive process is in full swing. I have to laugh how surrogates imply there are consequences for the actions of the superintendent and school board if they don't get what they want. How misguided and foolish are comments like these.

The school board and superintendent should make rational decisions based on logical impute. They are given the task of doing what's best for children's education, health and safety.

The high school decision shouldn't be based on location, but what is most economically sound. Comments like, "The current high school is made of solid block construction and we should invest in a solid structure," are rubbish.

That argument doesn't hold up to sound building envelope scrutiny. New building technology, materials and construction procedures dictate that there are far better options than just "putting perfume on a pig." At the cost of seven to eight million dollars, that's a lot of perfume!

Rural communities have been depressed and declining for many economic and social reasons. Our communities are still feeling the effects of 2008 with declining property values and loss of needed tax funds. Declining state and federal funds wither away if our schools can't produce a better product.

Let's stop blaming the school board and superintendent with destructive mentalities. Their decisions should be rooted from factual detailed reports that meet fiscal and economic long-term strategies helping attract the best and brightest teachers and future students.

Brian Krull

Mount Carroll