Dear Editor:

The Savanna Park Board would like to let anyone involved in the Community Splash Pad Project that was recently proposed by Regina Vesely be aware of the following.

At our regular Park Board meeting scheduled on Nov. 9, 2020, a motion was made and seconded to abandon the Savanna Park Board’s involvement with a splash pad project spearheaded by Ms. Vesely.

We as a Park District are not opposed in any way to such a community project. We ourselves have looked at District properties and met with builders regarding this type of project.

When approached about it being community funded and a donation-driven project, we did require and asked for certain items to be presented to the District before we would move forward with such a project. We have yet to receive these items.

It has been brought to our attention that public and online social media "bashing" of the Park District Board has occurred. We cannot stop these words nor will we participate in back and forth exchanges in defense of our decisions.

There have been untruths and misleading information presented to the Park Board as well as potential sponsors and the public regarding this project from the beginning and we will no longer be involved.

Savanna Park Board

of Commissioners

Shawn Picolotti, Peg Haffey, Bert Shaw, Bill Robinson, Larry Melaas