Dear Editor:

I have read in the Mirror-Democrat about the Mount Carroll Library trying to raise money for an expansion. Apparently, it needs about $600,000 to match State of Illinois funds by February.

Here is an idea. Since the Davis Trust money is to use for a community center, it may be legally possible to use some of the money to fund an addition on the Mount Carroll library which would be called the Mount Carroll Community Center at the Library. There is no more regularly used "Community Center" than the library.

This would not significantly impact the funds for a large community center or other "community centers". Basically, the legal question is whether the Davis trust funds can be used to provide several elements of a community center spread through the city rather than one large facility.

If it is deemed legally permissible, then even the Kraft Building might be purchased and used for some community purposes. For example, the "Community Center" for the Carroll County Historical Society Museum could be located in the Kraft Building to show special exhibits and teach locals and visitors about the history of the community.

It might even become affiliated with the Smithsonian Museum with the help of Congressional leaders from Illinois. Part of the building could still be used for the Mount Carroll Community Center for Economic Development. The swimming pool could be revitalized as the Mount Carroll Aquatic "Community Center”.

Given the many needs and the limited economic means of Mount Carroll, it seems that building one large community center rather than distributed community centers serving various aspects of the city's needs would be the best use of the money.

The question is whether legal beagles can find the latitude in the wording of the will to permit this concept of multiple locations of a community center to be implemented. Equally important is can any of the funds be used to operate and maintain a community center or community centers.

Mary Lou Fetterolf Smith

Dallas, Texas