Dear Editor:

The Covid-19 virus statistics for Illinois and for Carroll County are terrible and frightening.  Illinois cases are approaching 600,000, and Carroll County cases number 898 (source:  Illinois Department of Public Health), as of Nov. 17.

Of course, the majority of those cases have recovered, but every day there is a shocking number of new ones, and many of those who have “recovered” will suffer long-term effects. 

In one day, Nov. 16, there were 17 new cases in Carroll County (source: Watson AI), and as of Nov. 17, Carroll County cases have increased 18.9% in one week (source: Illinois Department of Public Health). But these are just statistics.

One can only imagine the anguish of those who have contracted the disease and their families; many patients die alone.

We have no one to blame but ourselves and the apparent unwillingness of the Carroll County Health Department and other relevant governmental authorities to enforce the simple precautions we can all take. 

On Nov. 16, I visited the Dollar Store in Savanna.  There was a sign on the door that masks were required to enter.  I was the only customer in the store with a mask. Many of the other customers were elderly people who apparently think they are immortal.  In line, no one observed social distancing, and when I was ready to pay, I had to request a check-out clerk who was wearing a mask, there apparently being only one such employee available.

Only at Sullivan’s Food, the Ace Hardware and the Savanna Marketplace, in my observation in Savanna, are mask requirements being consistently followed

A vaccine is on the horizon, but while the pandemic rages, we have to protect ourselves and others. 

Simply covering your nose and mouth while indoors in public places cannot be too much to ask for the health of our community.

Please, people of Carroll County, put on a mask. Please, Carroll County Health Department, Carroll County State’s Attorney, Carroll County law enforcement officials, start enforcing state law. The time to do it was months ago, which you did not do. The time to start is right now. Let’s pull together and end this. 

Carol Gloor