Dear Editor:

Regarding the July 14 Savanna City Council meeting where council members rejected a pay raise for the mayor. I applaud their vote to send the proposed ordinance back to the finance committee.

I am not in the least opposed to an increase in the mayoral salary. I believe all mayors should be rightly compensated for their labor.

Our Savanna City Council and Mayor Chris Lain have accomplished much for our community, yet on July 14, the council record evidenced an “whoops” and “pause.”

Fact 1: The pay increase would not go into effect until the next election in April 2021.

Fact 2: Our mayor said he “plans to run again.”

Fact 3: Normal channels and protocols were not followed prior to presentation of the proposed ordinance, namely, going through finance committee, research and discussion. I am grateful for the “pause.”

So, here it is, you think this is a small issue in a small town. Isn’t this like the very thing that leads the populace to distrust government?

This citizen thinks so. Savanna wants honesty above all. Anything less is worthless.

Renada Timm