Dear Editor:

As a resident of the Caroline Mark Home in Mount Carroll, I need to publicly thank our incredible newly retired trustee, Russell Piper, and his amazing wife, Cheri Piper, for their selfless, tireless devotion and 'above and beyond' assistance to each of us, past and present, and for stabilizing our institution with his wise choices. Caroline Mark would indeed be proud of his service to her legacy.

Russell stated a few years ago that he strongly disliked trophies, plaques and retirement parties. Because of his insistence, Russell was able to quietly withdraw his tireless devotion and tenacity from our circle as of May 31, 2019.

Personally, I feel like an unappreciative citizen as a result of this. Russell Piper deserves recognition and honor for his eight years (I think) of sacrifice and hard labor. I have said often I do not feel there is a male in my large family (both living and deceased) who would accept the huge intense responsibility to be a trustee for the Caroline Mark Home! Not many will devote themselves to elderly women.

I felt his respect, concern and caring from my first introduction in September of 2013. Each day since, I was assured of the best possible safety and care within these walls.

He is and will be missed. I safely assume his late parents would be very proud. 'Good job, well done,' as my dear late uncle used to say. Mere words are not nearly enough. I hope each of you will read this and personally thank him also when the opportunity arises.

Thank you, Russell and Cheri Piper.

Pam Gallagher

Caroline Mark Home

Mount Carroll