Dear Editor:

As I end my tenure on the West Carroll Board of Education, I feel compelled to share a few thoughts.

I first want to say how much I appreciate the administrations, teachers and staff I have worked with. They were most helpful to me and I recognize how very hard they work. Thank you.

During the 12 years I served on the Board, I came to know many others who also served. People, 18 to be exact, whom I likely otherwise wouldn't have known, many of whom I now consider friends. I appreciate each and every one of them, who were willing, at least for a time, to step up to the plate and serve.

Since 2009, when I was first seated, there have been 10 school board elections consisting of 38 seats on the ballot. One, only one, race out of those 38 was contested. All other races either had one candidate or no candidate. Our most recent election (April 6) had three open seats with no candidates. Vacancies on the board, due to resignation, have sat unfulfilled for months, with one being close to a year.

West Carroll residents: "Where are you"? It appears that people with all of the answers are unwilling to actually do the work, the hard work of trying to do what is best for this district, not our individual communities or our personal agendas or our small constituencies, but rather for all students, staff, and taxpayers.

I applaud Mr. Woodside and Mr. Stott for their willingness to step up this year and I wish them great success. I encourage residents currently living in an election district with an unfilled seat to consider taking a turn.

It has been an experience. A sometimes rewarding, sometimes sleepless night experience. One that I am happy to have had.

Bev Kilpatrick

Mount Carroll