Dear Editor:

Regarding your article, “Second Amendment county resolution prompts comments” (May 22-23 Carroll County Mirror-Democrat/Savanna Times-Journal), a commenter asked if the county is prepared for the expense of defending the resolution in court.

Reuters News, May 20, reports that the NRA is charged with illegally recruiting county sheriffs and boards in rural areas of New Mexico, Oregon, New Washington and Illinois to act as their lobbyists against state red flag bills.

Do Carroll County residents really want to pick up the tab for lobbying by our elected officials on behalf of another organization? Do Carroll County residents also want to pay the costs of defending this lobbying in court?

What also worries me is this: the county resolution means that if military-style weapons are prohibited in the rest of the state, Carroll County would be a “sanctuary” that makes assault weapons easier to get here.

In effect, this makes Carroll County a magnet that attracts dangerous criminals and mentally unbalanced people to come here to buy weapons. It makes it less safe for our families. Contact your local elected officials and let them know how you feel about this.

Doris Steffen