Dear Editor:

Gerald Bork appears to have fallen for a Democrat "lie of the day." (Letter to the Editor Sept. 16-17 MD and TJ.)

In obliquely referencing President Trump's supposed maligning of military veterans, he omits, or doesn't know, that this tale was fabricated with all anonymous sources.

This alone should have given him pause before believing it, as there has been no shortage of "whistleblowers" willing to take credit for previous fabrications about the president.

More to the point, a number of named sources who were present when the supposed comment was made have denied that it happened.

John Bolton, whose recent hit piece of a book would hardly put him in the company of Mr. Trump's admirers, stated flatly that it didn't happen, adding that if it had, he would have put it in his book.

I don't know about his five brothers, but Gerald Bork is clearly a sucker if he fell for that bit of Democrat invention.

David E. Hanson