Dear Editor:

I’m writing on behalf of the Great River Outreach to express our appreciation for all those locally who have helped to make masks for workers at Sullivan’s, Big Meadows, and elsewhere.

About a dozen volunteers have helped provide masks for workers and have therefore helped impede the spread of the coronavirus. That said, we are in need of additional volunteers to make masks.

Staff members at Big Meadows, in particular, are in need. So are other essential workers in the Savanna area. Unfortunately, we as a nation are still in the beginning of this pandemic, not at the end. Let’s show support for our neighbors, especially those who care for the elderly and those most vulnerable to this disease.

If you are able to make masks, please contact me, Pastor Gary Panetta, by phone at 815-590-1792. You also may message me on the First Presbyterian Church Facebook page.

Pastor Gary Panetta