Dear Editor:

I was excited to see the presentation at the Mount Carroll District Library where the proposed changes were on display. More access and more room for programs and family events.

I have enjoyed our library since I was a kid, checking out books to read and books on how to make boats, planes and kites. When I had boys, I pulled them down in a wagon and introduced them to this great resource. They are grown, but the new addition will allow me to share sculpting and drawing with the town, and I could learn to write stories from featured authors.

At first it seemed to be a vast undertaking, but then I recalled the story about when Carnegie offered the library — help me out historians — as a gift to the town. The town said, "Thank you, but it's not big enough."

Can you imagine telling one of the richest men in America that they raised what was then an enormous amount of money and built a two-story library — (our) the beautiful, cherished Carnegie Library that is the jewel of our downtown. I love that story because it talks about what a little town can do when it wants to.

Equally exciting, the next chapter will describe how the same community which valued this generous gift so many years ago, decided to keep it well maintained, not to sell theirs like some towns have, but make it an even greater asset to everyone in their community for generations to come.

Maybe the chapter would start by describing how a statue of a man, hands bound behind him, having greeted every visitor for generations, started the whole thing.

Jack Kromer

Mount Carroll

Checks may be made payable to Mount Carroll District Library Rehab & Expand Fund and mailed to 208 N. Main St., Mount Carroll, IL 61053. To learn more, visit or contact Laurel Bergren at 815-291-6489 or