‘Face reality’, masks

inside public places

Dear Editor:

On Friday, July 30, I attended a performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar” at Timber Lake Playhouse. As I entered the audience space, where all seats were filled, I was surprised to see that only a few people were wearing masks.

Timber Lake Playhouse is a private business, and it can choose whatever rules, or no rules, it wants concerning the wearing of masks. However, by this date, people were aware of the highly contagious, and very dangerous, Delta variant of the Covid virus.

Carroll County has had 1,957 reported cases of the Covid virus with 39 confirmed deaths (source: Carroll County Health Department). The most recent population numbers for Carroll County show a population of 14,287 (source: United States Census).

This means that 13% of those tested in Carroll County had, or still have, the Covid virus. Yes, not everyone tested may live in Carroll County, and certainly not everyone at the Timber Lake performance was from Carroll County. Even considering these variables, this is still a very high rate of disease.

The people in the audience at the Timber Lake performance, and people in the supermarkets, hardware stores, banks and other businesses have a choice whether or not to wear a mask. If one chooses not to wear a mask in these spaces, one is exposing oneself to the Delta variant, but worse, one is possibly transmitting the virus to others.

When those others become ill, the virus has a chance to mutate again, into a possibly more deadly variant. Those who choose not to wear masks in these situations do not understand that we are all in this together. They value their individual right not to wear a mask above the health of their community (their friends, family, and neighbors).

We have now had Covid with us for 18 months. If people really want to put Covid behind them, they need to grow up, face reality and wear a mask when inside public places. It isn't hard, and it doesn't last long. So just do it.

Carol L. Gloor