Dear Editor:

We do not understand why all of a sudden the high school must be moved from Savanna. Is it because of neglect?

We talk of how much we think and care about our students and their future, yet the high school students eat off of paper plates and plastic silverware as if they were camping out or housed in a shelter. This should never have happened. What else has been neglected or will be?

There have been many well-written letters and points brought forth by concerned parents, friends, past students and everyday people over the last few weeks in our county newspapers. The West Carroll School board should take a very long hard look at them.

It is easy to close a building that has gone unnoticed and neglected, but is still a solid built building that has all the necessary potential it needs to function as a school building. It is a shame.

Shoving high school and junior high students all together is not the answer; it was tried in Savanna before consolidation. Use the buildings you have with care and good stewardship.

To shuffle the students that we say we care so much for like a deck of cards from one building to another when their daily lives have so many ups and downs is a travesty. Or is there an underlined reason for this move at this time?

Years from now, as a board member, if you are asked that one big question, "Why?", hopefully you will be able to answer it without reservation.

Thomas and Letha Robbe