Dear Editor:

With the excessive amount of rain and heat, West Carroll Primary School has experienced high humidity days in the building. All-American Cleaning and Restoration, a professional company with certified technicians, was called on Monday, Sept. 23, to assess the situation and dehumidifiers were brought in to take excess moisture out of the air from Sept. 23 to the present.

In addition, All-American Cleaning and Restoration tested the air quality in several classrooms at West Carroll Primary School to better assess the situation. West Carroll received the results of the air quality testing from Pro-lab. The laboratory results noted that three classes — two kindergarten rooms and one early step preschool room — had elevated mold spores in comparison to the outdoor air.

All-American Cleaning and Restoration conducted extensive cleaning of the three rooms identified on Oct. 9-10. Students and staff in kindergarten and Right Steps preschool attended school on Wednesday, Oct. 9; however, Right Steps preschool chose to not attend on Thursday, Oct. 10, due to the extensive cleaning occurring in one classroom.

The three rooms were retested on Friday, Oct. 11. West Carroll is anticipating for all three classrooms to return to normal on Tuesday, Oct. 15. We thank All-American Cleaning for their assistance.

Many molds are brought inside from the outside (For example, smuts are found on logs, grasses and weeds). Students are being encouraged to bring a change of shoes to prevent grass from being tracked into the classroom after playing outside. West Carroll will also be doing its best to keep all rooms cool, dry and vacuumed.

As always, safety is our #1 concern for our students and staff. If you should have any additional questions and/or concerns, please contact Ms. Rein, West Carroll Primary School Principal, Ms. Feltmeyer, Early Steps Preschool Administrator and/or Ms. Katzenberger, West Carroll Superintendent. Thank you.

Supt. Julie Katzenberger

West Carroll School District